Build Will Power for Speedy Career Growth

People need to follow regular self motivation techniques and search for entrepreneurial motivations to grow in their career and life. Have you ever noticed that people who want to go on a diet to lose weight and eating even more or a person who wants to quit smoking end up smoking more?

Do you know that like every fuel tank even your will power needs refueling?

  • People who quit diet plan or start smoking after their decision to take care of that slides down into a massive ocean of guilt telling themselves they cannot continue controlled diet or quit smoking. This guilt is a very powerful negative tool which can stop you from being productive and lowering your self-respect. The same thing can be seen with Entrepreneurs. Even they need constant entrepreneurial motivations to keep going in their chosen path.

It’s a myth that if you are not hard on yourself, you will become completely lazy. Research showed that feeling guilty leads us to put in a bad mood finally crashing our long-term goals. The guilt feeling leads to mental distraction from goals, we start feeling lazy and don’t feel like doing anything and eventually our long term goals get affected. Then we start looking for all self motivation techniques to stay on our path.

It’s okay to forgive ourselves as everyone makes mistakes and give ourselves break so that we can again catch up to pursuing our dreams without guilt. So, don’t be too harsh on yourself if you fail and focus your will power on one goal at a time, it’s easier. Research says that the will power boosts up after a break more than before a break, so to focus on something you need to give yourself a break from time to time. Entrepreneurs all around the world do this practice as a part of their entrepreneurial motivations exercise.

So What are these Self Motivation Techniques?

  • Remember, tiny habits are built only when they are done daily.

So, to create a new habit and follow it consistently every day, you need to set the toughest task for the early morning as that time the brain is refreshed and you tend to make smarter decisions. Try to follow your new habits or routines at the beginning of your day. This is the reason successful people always have a morning routine. With fresh mind in the morning, better decisions can be made and your whole day’s activities can be planned in advance. Make sure to keep the easy works for the end of the day.

  • Few know that food is a major ingredient which makes your will power stable.Fiber and glucose are extremely necessary for your brain to be strong. Good food and strong brain makes a person confident and gives strength to the body. Make sure to eat protein and complex carbs before going for an exam, test, interview or official presentation as that keeps you full and energized for a longer time. Foods like brown rice, upma, idli, dosa, eggs, chicken, lentils, and bananas exactly have those things you are looking for.

Understand, if you are hungry and not energized, which means the body is running short of glucose, this will end up making you angry and frustrated, which will finally lead you to take bad decisions and unstable will power. And when you enter into this situation no self motivation techniques will be able to motivate you.

  • Research also confirms that inadequate sleep can end up in bad decisions, unhealthy food, and unstable will power. It confirms that inadequate sleep is equal to staying mildly intoxicated the whole day. With it, the person lacks the concentration that directly affects his work.
  • Finally, it has been found even meditating for 5 minutes a day increases the gray matter within the pre-frontal cortex of our brain which is associated with the decision making and will power of a human being. Even focusing your breath 5 minutes daily with your eyes closed can do the miracle.

Having a strong will power and implementing self motivation techniques is the key to success.

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