What is Laughter Yoga (or Laughter Yoga Therapy)?

Laughter Yoga Therapy

Parks, Movies, tv serials, society garden… You might have seen people laughing loudly in a group together for no apparent reason. Your first reaction might have been somewhere close to labeling them lunatics or weird. But these people are doing is Laughter Yoga or Laughter Yoga therapy. It also goes by Laughter therapy. Laughter Yoga … Read more

How Yoga And Meditation Benefit The Mind And Body

Benefits of Meditation and Yoga Yoga means Union. In simple words yoga is the union of mind, body and soul. Invented and developed in pre-vedic time in ancient India, Yoga has now spread its reach round the globe. No wonder the numerous benefits it offers that there are Yoga practitioners in every part of the … Read more

How to Self-Discipline to be an absolute Success

Self Discipline for an absolute Success

If you pick up any story of any successful person till now, the first key to their success is the self-discipline. Try out any biography of any successful person- living or dead. Have you ever wondered how they disciplined themselves and you could not? You think self-discipline is tough. Best part is, you are wrong. … Read more