The Road Is Her Address – Shivya Nath A Solo Traveller

shivya nath - motivation for solo travellers

“Much has been learnt, more has been loved – and the one thing that has remained constant is my desire to keep moving. ”  SHIVYA NATH     SHIVYA NATH – A girl who’s breaking stereotypes and giving inspiration to girls all over the world to step out and win the world An Indian girl who …

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What Is Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep) And How To Do Yoga Nidra And Its Benefits

Yoga Nidra, also known as Yogic Sleep is an centuries old yogic practice. It’s little known to people but it’s becoming increasingly popular as both a form of meditation and a mind-body therapy. Yoga nidra or Yogic sleep can be explained as the conscious awareness of the state of deep sleep which is referred to …

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What is Laughter Yoga (or Laughter Yoga Therapy)?

Laughter Yoga Therapy

Parks, Movies, tv serials, society garden… You might have seen people laughing loudly in a group together for no apparent reason. Your first reaction might have been somewhere close to labeling them lunatics or weird. But these people are doing is Laughter Yoga or Laughter Yoga therapy. It also goes by Laughter therapy. Laughter Yoga …

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How To Cure Asthma With Yoga

Top 4 Easy Yoga Asanas For Asthma The growing pollution in the metro cities is making everyone a victim of lungs and respiratory related issues. The number of deaths due to Asthma is increasing every year. It is high time you keep your asthma in check if you are struggling with it. The constant dread …

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Motivational Quotes For Students

Journals to capture Wellness Journey

Best Inspirational Quotes For Students To Succeed In Studies How many times it happened that you opened your book and are going through lessons when suddenly your cell phone beeped indicating a new notification. You grabbed the phone to check quickly but end up spending minutes on social media or chatting with friends. You wanted …

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