Fear Of Failure OR Fear Of Success !!!

Every student I know has this fear of failure. As students, we are always under a constant pressure of this voice of fear! What are we actually scared of?

To our surprise, scientific research says that we are actually scared of success! Isn’t that weird?Yes, success!

According to this research, from the day we are taught to socialize, we are trained to think like the people we socialize, we act like them, we dress like them, we talk like them. Whatever we do, we do it to be a part of the society we are surrounded with.

But the REALITY IS – to be successful, one has to be different than everyone around him. The only way to go to the next level is to walk away from the crowd; you have to be above everyone.

Rule is: you cannot be like everyone around and still be successful.

Have you ever thought about why do everyone want to be like all others around him or her? They do it because they are scared of getting laughed and ridiculed at because they are not like others.

Human society is like crabs. If one crab tries to climb out of the basket, others pull him down, not letting it go away from the crowd.To succeed we need to make sure to keep on climbing even with the fear of being pulled down by others. Fact is, if you do not give up climbing, they will give up pulling you down.

Now, coming back to the fear we have learned to grow with, is so deep rooted in our subconscious mind, that whenever we are committed to something which will increase our productivity and help in our growth or career, this fear of success by default creates distractions to divert our mind from the productive work we are doing with concentration.As we start going closer and closer to your dream or goal, this fear of success gets stronger. Consciously, you don’t realize what you are doing and you don’t even realize how manipulative this fear can be.

Let me make it more clear. You are focusing on a work with full commitment and concentration, suddenly you feel an urge to check your phone, your email, your Facebook or Twitter account, or you feel hungry or thirsty, or call up your friend to talk or you keep checking your watch telling yourself that you are late or you sleep telling yourself that you are tired.

What you don’t realize that you are giving energy to that fear very unconsciously. You end up distracting yourself in a million ways, sabotaging your own productivity, dream or goal.Understand; whenever you are getting closer and closer to your goals, these emails, Facebook, Twitter or keeping the track of time will not matter to you anymore.

Now, as you understand what you are doing to yourself; your distractions vs your productive work, you can take the power back in your hands.


Its time to take over this fear and learn how to be SUPERPRODUCTIVE.

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