How to Self-Discipline to be an absolute Success

If you pick up any story of any successful person till now, the first key to their success is the self-discipline. Try out any biography of any successful person- living or dead.

Have you ever wondered how they disciplined themselves and you could not? You think self-discipline is tough. Best part is, you are wrong. Itseasy.

Why do you need self-discipline? It is a key to every success story as well as more fulfilling life you love. It allows you to have more freedom in life. Most of the rags to riches story started with self-discipline.

What is discipline? Discipline is to control our primitive desires.

Primitive desires – laying in the bed for long, keeping on hitting the snooze button, staying in a comfort zone or a comfortable job for years thinking it is safe and not feeling confused or scared as you think this makes you know your predictable future and get scared to venture out for unknown and not taking any extra risks in life to make is happier and more successful.

People do it because we are taught to replicate others and do exactly what everyone is doing around you.

Ways to achieve self- discipline:

  • Change your identity:

Your brain is trained to act in accordance to exactly how you identify yourself.If you view yourself to be a productive entrepreneur, that’s what you are going to be. The purpose of your goal is not to achieve it but what to become in order to achieve it. Every goal shapes you and changes you positively. You need to take off old labels and stickers from yourself and attach new labels. You need to take off stickers like, ‘I am too lazy’, ‘I can’t get up early’, ‘that’s tough for me’ and add on stickers like ‘ I am an IT Company CEO’, I am the best dancer’, ‘I am an entrepreneur’. You are bound to act, behave and sleep the way you label yourself. Become the person in advance to achieve the goal.

  • Reward yourself after doing what scares you the most:

Human brain is trained more to avoid pain than to seek pleasure. To attach yourself to self -discipline, you should list out few small things that scare you and try to do that. Attach yourself to the pain not considering it a pain but a goal to achieve. Make sure to reward yourself after accomplishing each small goal. May be an ice-cream or a movie.

  • Take accountability:

The more you tell people what you want to achieve the more you move towards it. But make sure to speak it infront of those people who believes it and not the naysayers. Use words, and write your dream down. Get a coach who will make you accountable towards your action to get your goals. Even a friend who is strict on making you accountable towards your goals also can be of great help.


One of the major key to Self-Discipline is to Get Up Early.

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