How to Get Up Early to Secrete the Happy Hormone and Be More Productive

Researchers have proved that the most difficult habit to cultivate is to get up early in the morning

We had been asked to get up early by our parents from our childhood, but no matter what that seems the most difficult tasks to accomplish.

It has been noticed that most of the successful people get up early.Why do they do so? The answer is very simple, getting up early and getting the early sunrise increases the happy hormones in our body. Happy hormones are scientifically known as Serotonin. This is a major thing which helps a human being become more productive related to others who wake up late. It has been found that people who get up early secrete more Serotonin.

So, to increase Serotonin in your body what are the ways that can help us get up early in the morning:

  • Sleep at the same time every night consistently for at least 3 weeks to a month to make it a habit. To do that, make sure to get off the internet at least an hour from the time you would like to go to sleep. If you do not feel sleepy, make sure to read books to make yourself feel sleepy. But no gadgets. Try to avoid or make phone calls during that time. If you do not have a fixed time, try to fix a time and go 5 minutes earlier each day from the time you are used to make it a slow habit. Be consistent in going to sleep early.
  • Make sure to keep away the alarm clock far away from your bed. So, that you need to get out of bed and walk to switch it off. As soon as you get up, don’t return to the bedroom. Enter the washroom, wash your eyes and stand there for a minute. Make sure to wish yourself ‘Good Morning’ although it sounds weird as psychologically that gives you a signal to stay away from the bed. Make sure to open windows or remove curtains to get your eyes used to that morning light.
  • As you are not used to getting up so early, between 5 am to 6 am, so to avoid the body to get shocked of suddenly waking up early, make sure to start waking up 15 minutes early each week as your body gets used to a particular time each week.
  • Avoid ‘snooze’ button as it fools the brain informing that you get to sleep for another 10 minutes, whereas your brain is only half asleep which finally ends up making you feel more tired.
  • Make sure to stretch even if it is for 5 minutes and do not skip a proper breakfast. Make sure to eat foods with fiber, complex carbohydrates and consume fruits like banana energy.

So, hope to see you watching the sunrise every day and secreting more Serotonin within a month and be more productive and more focused to expedite your journey towards your desired goal.

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