How to be Super Productive at Work?

Do you always ponder how to live a happy life without getting distracted and getting best productivity at work? According to a scientific research, we live in an age of dramatic distraction.  2.1 hours in a day is spent in distraction. Research confirms that every 11 minutes we get distracted from the valuable work we are doing and it takes at least 25 minutes to refocus back to that work. Many people believe that they can be most productive by multi tasking, however, this is wrong. Doing multitasking you can get busy but you cannot utilize your full potential and cannot get the full productivity at work.

To waste your time is to waste your talent and potential which leads to a tough career growth. Being talented is one thing. You may have the best of skills in the world, you may have a lot of experience to tackle tough situation but if you cannot manage the time properly your productivity at work will exponentially decline.

On the contrary, successful people have trained their brain to focus on their project for an extended period of time. The successful people know how to live a happy life. Good news is that any person can get this knowledge for happy life. The science has rejected the fact that harder we work the more successful we will be. It confirms that if one works too hard that decreases our productivity in every possible way, making us feel tired, frustrated and sometimes lead us to quit from the valuable work we do. Hard work should be followed by proper execution and proper time management.

3 Super ways to Maintain Productivity at Work

  • Science confirms maximum amount of productivity happens in 90 minutes’ cycle. So, the process is – work for 90 minutes at a stretch, take a break, Another 90 minutes of concentrated work, then another break. This goes on. Keep water with you and do not get up for even water during those 90 minutes. This process keeps your brain focused. It also increases energy level and keeps you in your best productive level. This pattern of the cycle will definitely increase your productivity.


  • We, the people of today’s generation, open our eyes in the morning and the first thing we do is to check the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, check emails or call up a friend. Even we do it just before going to sleep at night. To stay productive the whole day, try avoiding these just after you wake up or go to sleep, as doing these damages your productive capacity. It has been found that 1 hour after you wake up and 1 hour before you sleep has the most productive capacity of a human brain. Create some morning rituals to follow like exercise or read or meditate and strictly stay away from phone, laptops or any other electronic gadget at your productive hours. You can also listen to soothing music at night in order to get a sound sleep.


  • We have been believing a wrong myth till now – stress is our enemy, it reduces energy and makes one unproductive and tired. Remember, the more you push yourself hard you do more than you believe you can do. It increases capability. It’s the same with the brain. Stress increases our mental capability. Not recovering from daily stress decreases our energy, productivity, momentum, and creativity. So, we need to find some time to recover from stress and renew our energy. There are different ways to regain our energy and momentum. Some of them are to exercise, to meditate, to read books we like or to take a walk.


So, these are the ways we should practice to get into our new productive mode which will later lead us to our destination or a better career. This will finally lead to building will power and self-discipline, the secret of managing productivity at work and become successful.


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