Step into your greatness

You know that there is more to life, but you feel stuck!

Most of us are sailing on the same boat. Every one of us has some gifts inside us which we want to share. But we really don’t know how to express it or share it with others. All our greatness remains locked inside us, despite our well intention.

We are all born with an equal potential for greatness, yet some achieve far below their potential while few rise to extraordinary heights and become legends.

Greatness won’t show up no matter how good your intentions are. Greatness is a virtue that you should invest in every minute of every day.

Live with a sense of vision and purpose

The key to achieving greatness lies in the understanding that success is not the ultimate goal. Greatness demands that you become well-rounded. That means you should have an interest in building a cause that touches others, and not a business. You should strive to be a pioneer, a trend setter and a radical thinker who is driven by the motivation to make the world a better palace.

Strong set of core values

You can unlock greatness unless you are clear in your values. Values are the unconscious motivators that shape your future. Strong values drive good actions and behaviors. One common trait among people who have reached greatness is that they are fanatical about the values upon which their business stands.

Unwavering belief

Your beliefs shape up to become foundational rules of how you live each moment and how you play the game of success. Great people set them apart from the average person whose self limiting beliefs keep them from thinking small and living small. Great people have rebel heart. They are courageous enough to go against the flow and rise to the occasion when faced with obstacles. The only person who can stop them is they themselves.

Enjoy the process

Greatness is less about success and more about getting there. Great people overcome huge challenges by often taking road less traveled. Greatness, success, happiness comes from the pursuit of excellence and not through instant gratification. If you want to be great, you should be ready to travel the journey most avoid. Greatness is a decision to cut out all possibilities. That means neither failure nor distraction is going to deter your belief to be great.

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