5 Subtle Signs that you are Destined for Greatness

Greatness signs

Have you ever in your wildest dream thought that you were born to be brilliant? Or you were born to achieve incredible goals that most people wouldn’t dare taking risks?

Here’s a reality.

Most of us are born incredible, and are destined for greatness. But people around us have such an impact on our lives that we start believing that we are mediocre people.

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Three Types of friends we All Have

3 types of friends we have

Winter is a great time to be with friends, spend festive time together and enjoy cozy coffee, while chit chatting about the good old times.

Aristotle, the Greek philosopher and scientist who was born in 384 B.C. said that wishing to become friends is a quick work, but friendship as a whole is a slow ripening fruit.

He classified friendship into three different types:

The friendship of utility

The friendship of pleasure and

The friendship of the good

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