5 Subtle Signs that you are Destined for Greatness

Have you ever in your wildest dream thought that you were born to be brilliant? Or you were born to achieve incredible goals that most people wouldn’t dare taking risks?

Here’s a reality.

Most of us are born incredible, and are destined for greatness. But people around us have such an impact on our lives that we start believing that we are mediocre people.

Did you know that most of the great people we know today, emerged as a great people and leaders of their time, when they were faced with crippling challenges and where left with no other choice than to fight back the situation or the system?

Most of us never realize that we are born into this world, destined for greatness, unless faced with circumstances where playing safe is no more an option.

If you play safe you will never shine.

Here are 5 subtle sign that you are destined for greatness

You love taking risk

You are never going to achieve your dreams if you want to sit in your comfort zone. You achieve success when you take risk and become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

You don’t like taking NO for an answer

If you want something, no one is going to drop it on your lap. So you will need to get comfortable with doing the uncomfortable task of asking someone who has it. When they say NO, you should move on to someone else and keep trying until the answer is YES, rather than retreating into your hard shell and accept NO.

You handle rejection with good spirit

People who are destined for greatness turn their rejection into success. They know that there is no point wasting time taking rejection personally. Most of us get rejected in our chosen career before we get the answer we want. If you are destined for greatness, keep moving.

You have desire to grow

Most of the highly successful people you will come across, you will find them asking questions because they are always learning and always growing. They are always striving to move forward. The author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki said that if you aren’t willing to grow, you won’t.

You have self control

Highly accomplished people know when to stop and when to move. They know when to rest and when to play. But above all they know to control their emotions in situations when things are disappointing around them. When you are under your control, you can manage your time efficiently, stay in check and remain on top of your schedule.

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