5 Journals to capture Your Wellness Journey

Leading a healthy lifestyle has become increasingly challenging because of the deadline driven world we are living in.

Yes, it is taking a toll on your body and mind!

Latest and greatest fitness gear and chugging green juice is all fine, but if you are not doing something about your mental health, you are not on the path to true wellness.

Life is busy. We are all in a rush!

How can then one find the time to pause and think about what really makes us happy?

I have put together five wellness journals that will encourage you to pause and reflect on the details of your day, that you should be happy about. This will empower you and encourage you to be even more awesome.

The happiness diary

The best way you can adopt a good habit is when you stick to it religiously, because good habits take time to form. The best way to stick to something is by tracking your progress. Maintain a dairy to set happiness goals. Record your mood and reflect on each day. Maintaining a happiness dairy is all about maximizing your happiness through mindfulness, positive thinking and self awareness.

The greatness journal

Regardless of whether you want to overhaul your health and fitness or you just want to get the most out of your business, you should start your day with the greatness journal. Pick a diary for the purpose of greatness journal which contains plenty of inspirational quotes. Begin each week in the dairy with a question such as what one thing you can do differently each day this week to feel more inspired each day.

Health Journal

Health is wealth, that’s because there is no price you can pay for a lost good-health. There are many advantages of keeping a health journal such as it will help you notice patterns in symptoms before they become big health issue. It will also help you identify certain foods or habits that act as a trigger point for bad health, which you can avoid proactively in the future.

The fitness and wellness journal

The wellness journal is an excellent tool to keep a tight watch over your body and your mind. Maintain this journal to record your exercise, personal goals and inspirations. This journal will help you see in what direction you are moving with regards to your fitness goals and what you should aim for a complete fitness and wellness. A happy body equals a happy mind and vice versa.

The gratitude journal

Most of us are familiar with the gratitude journal. The gratitude journal asks you to focus on things that you are grateful for each day, no matter how small they are. We are all guilty of negative thoughts, this dairy will help you break out of your negative thought and look at the positive side of your life.

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